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It’s without doubt that technology is becoming much more accessible, allowing businesses to showcase their products. We find out more about how the Clipper Race have used VR at their most recent Global Race Finish.

At the 2015-16 Race Finish, the Clipper Race took the opportunity to showcase the latest in new technology. Using Virtual Reality headsets, the Clipper Race team were able to create an immersive experience for anyone visiting the Race Village.

Visitors found themselves on board the Da Nang-Viet Nam racing yacht during the Homecoming Leg of the race. Thanks to waterproof 360 camera system on the yacht, visitors found themes standing on board a powered up, heeled over Clipper 70 yacht in the middle of the Atlantic. The experience lasted two and a half minutes, where you were able to experience different views from around the yacht.

Clipper’s Crew Recruitment Manager Della Parsons says “It has been incredibly popular and everyone who tried it in London was really impressed. You can talk to people about the experience as much as they want but to actually be able to put them into it is very powerful.”

The marketing team at the Clipper Race saw the potential of the concept – the VR headsets allowed visitors to try yacht racing, without committing to a leg of the race. The experience may indeed help to convert visitors into next year’s crew!

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