Fancy something a little bit special? Each member of the Creative Torque team possesses a unique design style and therefore can adapt our illustration style to create a variety of illustrative formats, styles and finishes.

Whether you require a cartoon illustration, traditional artwork, realistic portraits, 3D Illustration or photographic manipulation then Creative Torque can help you.


Whilst digital illustration has become extremely popular with some suggesting that it might cause non-digital illustrators to become obsolete. We still believe the need for more traditional art forms is fundamental to our industry, this is why our designers can still be found at a drawing board producing conceptual scamps before they hit the notorious ‘design button’.


Creative Torque pride ourselves with providing accessible, professional and state-of-the-art services for our clients in the production of creative and innovative Digital art. We use the most up to date digital technology as an essential part of our day to day creative or presentation process.


We love to explore the boundaries and intersections of experimental practice in the design thought process. We have a particular penchant for experimental arts, innovation, technology and new media.