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Having worked with Northamptonshire County Council for many years we were delighted when they approached us with an opportunity to step outside the box. The launch of Flourish Company and its subsidiary included Nourish, a county wide scheme to get healthy school meals for every child in the area. Our team developed the concept for ‘The Tummy Taskforce’ a set of 50 characters all based on foods – the good and the bad. A huge challenge incurred in illustrating and developing characters, giving them names and applying them to advertising collateral in a way that would reach out directly to the children of the county. This project proved to be a huge success with other counties now following suit with the scheme.


  • TASK:Complete branding campaign including logodevelopment, posters, advertising, news letters, direct mail, school menus, stickers, trump cards, packaging and other promotional collateral.
  • DATE: july 2012
  • PROGRAM: Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign
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